The food is an inspired blend of Russian and Uzbek tradition.  Prepared by the heritage of both countries. As a catering company we create dishes for your special Occasion or Large Functions or Banquets.  Each menu is hand selected by you and treated with care from the cooking  to the final offering



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Appetizers – Закуски

Cold starters - Холодные закуски
  Kholodets (Headcheese) - Холодец
Pieces of chopped meat in a set jelly, mixed with spices and garlic.
$6 per minimum 10 required

Red Caviar - Красная икра

Baked puff pastry stuffed with cream cheese and topped with red caviar
$3 per minimum 20 required

Meat Assortment - Мясное ассорти

Cold meats in an assortment or on their own.
Tongue (язык), boiled  fore shank (рулька), chicken roll (рулет куриный)
$90 per minimum 1 required

Fish Assortment – Рыбное ассорти

Smoked Fish in an assortment or on their own.
$90 per minimum 1 required

Pancakes with Meat - Блины с мясом

Varying types of meat  rolled in pancakes known as blini (блины)
Blini with Tvorog - Блины с творогом
$2.5 per piece minimum 15 required

Pirozhki - Пирожки

Small dough buns or pies stuffed with variable fillings. Traditional fillings include Pirozhki with (Пирожки с).
Fish (рыбой) sautéed with onions and mixed with hard-boiled chopped eggs.
Meat (мясом) boiled and chopped, then mixed with sautéed onions and eggs.
Potato (картошкой) mashed, then mixed with eggs and smetana (sour cream).
Cabbage (капустой) sautéed, plus egg and spices.
$2.5 per piece minimum 15 required

Chebureki - Чебуреки

Chebureki consist of a thin layer of dough and seasoned ground meat filling, deep-fried in a pan of oil.
$2.5 per piece minimum 15 required


(baked puff pastry pie stuffed with minced lamb)
$2.5 per piece minimum 15 required

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